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Emergency Preparedness Planning for Your Business

Updated: Sep 30, 2019


During an emergency, every second counts. Thoughtful planning can help keep you and your staff safe in the event of unexpected emergencies like earthquakes, floods, fires, acts of violence or power outages. You can track power outages on SDG&E’s Outage Center at sdge.com/outage or view the outage map at sdge.com/outages.

According to Ready.gov, 62% of businesses say they don’t have an emergency plan in place for their business. Your first step is to identify your business’s risks and think about which disasters are most likely to affect your business. Then, develop a workplace emergency plan and practice it with your employees. It’s important to keep in contact with customers and employees, during and after an emergency. Create a crisis communications plan that includes internal and external communication protocols for before, during and after a disaster.

Be sure to have emergency supplies available at the workplace. Think about providing an emergency preparedness kit or backpack for each employee. Visit sdge.com/checklist to find recommended items to keep in your emergency kit. Since you don’t know when a disaster will occur, prepare an emergency kit for your home, work and vehicle.

Find great information and ideas for business preparedness planning on ready.gov/business. You can sign up for alerts including power outage notifications at sdge.com/alerts or by app at sdge.com/mobileapps. If there’s a wildfire in the area, the power could be turned off for public safety. Learn more at sdge.com/wildfire-safety.