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Do You Know When To Reduce Your Energy Use?

Despite the relatively mild temperatures this summer and early fall, we have recently experienced hotter-than-normal days which can lead to higher bills and calls for energy conservation.

What do Event Days mean for your business?

  • Event days are called when demand for energy spikes across the state.

  • On Event Days, if your business is on the Time-of-Use pricing plan, you can save if you have the flexibility to shift your energy use to before 2 pm or after 6 pm.

  • If a Reduce Your Use or Critical Peak Pricing event day is called, your energy costs can increase up to 400% between the hours of 2 pm – 6 pm.

  • Shifting or reducing your energy use to after 6 pm or before 2 pm can help you maximize your energy savings during an Event Day.

Know your plan

v If your business is on an event day pricing plan, it pays to be mindful when calls to conserve are asked. You can review your current pricing plan and other plan options on My Account under ‘Pricing Plans’.

Be Prepared

v Sign up for alerts via text or email in My Account under 'Alerts and Subscriptions.’

v Reduce or shift energy use between 2 pm and 6 pm if an event day is called. Turn off non-essential lights or equipment or adjust your thermostat a few degrees.

You Have Options

If you can’t shift or reduce your electricity use when an event day occurs, and you’d like to avoid potential price increases, explore your other pricing plan options. Visit sdge.com/myaccount, click on ‘Pricing Plans’ and you’ll find your plan choices.