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  • Get Your Yoda On: Confidence and Risk Tolerance

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     For the Star Wars geeks among us, the character of Yoda has become a leadership figure of overall life philosophy and action.   Most famous among his quotations is the direction to nascent Jedi knight Luke Skywalker "do or do not, there is no try".

    A recent article from TheLadders.com uses the Yoda metaphor to map out "10 Things Confident People Will Never Do."   This is a good laundry list for the entreprenuers among us to reflect on, especially as we're judging risk of a new project.  That being said, OVER confidence (ego) can also be a significant risk and I think even Yoda would agree that thinking we know it all as we walk into a situation is a dangerous tactic. 

    Beyond these basic tenants, we are all different people with varying levels of risk tolerance.  Inc. Magazine profiles an example of a team situation where different partners approach risk in a variety of ways.  Without clear communication on how these different views align, "
    The risk-tolerant partners could be viewed as scattered and reckless. The risk-averse partners could easily be seen as nay-sayers."

    Even as an employee, your self-confidence can bring you a Yoda mind in the riskiest of situations, being let go.  In a piece reviewing how executives deal with risk and fear, the Drucker Institute provides real life stories of how to deal with fear and risk that is worth any entreprenuer's time to read as well.  

    Channel your inner Yoda in your approach to problem solving and be proactive.  There is no try.  Do or do not.