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  • County Event Permits ‘hot topic’ in Alpine

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    To permit or not to permit?

    That was the question for the crowd on June 12 at the Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce “Hot Topics Business Breakfast.

    The event that featured information about San Diego County requirements for event permits was at the Alpine Woman’s Club, 2156 Alpine Blvd.

    Stacey Smith and Marisa Ramos, both of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, and Jescel Esteban and Joann Fang, both supervising environmental specialists, were the guest speakers.

    “If it’s possible for us to permit the event, we’ll permit the event,” said Smith, sheriff’s licensing supervisor. “It depends entirely on what the event is and how much notice we have. We’re willing to work with people.”

    However, deputies can stop an event or issue a warning with community event permit (CEP) information, Smith said.

    “What’s the penalty for not getting a permit?” asked Chamber Director Chris Wiley of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

    “You could be fined,” was the reply.

    A significant issue was when a party or event requires a permit or when the county considers it to be private with no permit required.

    “If it’s by invitation only issued by mail, private Facebook or e –mail,” a permit wouldn’t be required, Smith said later. “We should not be able to see a flyer, a banner or signs (about private events).”

    Chamber members and guests also inquired about when to start working with the county on an event ----- at least 60 days before the event if it’s a new one; the cost of permits and why fingerprints are sometimes required.

    The sheriff’s department requires fingerprints for all events except for but not for nonprofit ones, Smith said.

    “We’re ensuring when the sheriff issues an event permit that we’re not issuing it to someone with a criminal history,” she explained.

    Up to 10 government agencies may be involved in issuing a permit ---- food and housing, zoning, building, sheriff’s licensing, risk management, traffic control, recycling, noise abatement, parks and recreation and animal control. That can take a while.

    Emcee Jeff Morris, the Chamber’s executive administrator, told everyone that if there’s more interest in the county’s Community Event Process a longer session can be scheduled.

    For-profit organizations can call the Sheriff’s Licensing Division at (858) 974-2121 for more information. Non-profit groups can call the Department of Environmental Health at (858) 694-3614 for details. Websites www.sdcountyCEP.org or www.sdcdeh.org are also helpful.