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  • Alpine’s CASA de VIDA hosts Chamber mixer

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    By the Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce
    Guests at a free Alpine Mountain Empire Chamber of Commerce mixer on Nov. 15 at Alpine’s CASA de VIDA destination venue described it as more of an experience than a place. 
    “It’s peaceful,” said Chamber Board Chairman Chris Wiley of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
    The quirky Southwestern-style home fits in with the Chamber’s goal to promote tourism as one way to help communities thrive economically in rural southeastern San Diego County.
    Chamber members and friends explored the comfortable home, networked and enjoyed barbecued appetizers and wine.
    Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and Celebration of Life events are also possible at Alpine’s CASA de VIDA, in addition to corporate meetings, swimming pool parties, yoga seminars and wine and hors d’oeuvres gatherings. 
    Homeowner Keli Cadenhead, a Chamber member and event coordinator, said she thinks of her venue as “a beautiful place to make memories.”
    The open verandas, dining areas, dance floor and feel of the house create a serene pleasant atmosphere that invites conversation, laughter and good times.
     Cadenhead graciously chatted with Chamber members and guests about business, families, events and more while her husband, barbecue grill master Dick, easily prepared a feast.   
    “He and I enjoy cooking and parties,” said Keli Cadenhead.
    The home has roomy couches, splashes of color, a bar with a pool table and big-screen TV. Broad windows create a sense of wide open spaces and endless time.
    Family friend Jane Lewis, who was enjoying the Chamber evening, said there was a party with a jungle theme at the home last summer.
    “There were people everywhere,” Lewis said, “and no one felt crowded.”
    Playful signs, intriguing pottery, a colorful bottle tree, a fountain and a large stone fireplace are included in the whimsical décor.
    “It’s all her,” Dick Cadenhead said. “I’m the food guy.”
    Inside and outside the house, which has 300-degree views of mountains, valleys and gorgeous sunsets, the landscaping is lush and vibrant --- a certified backyard habitat.
    “I’m going with native and drought-tolerant plants rather than fighting Mother Nature,” Keli Cadenhead said with a smile.
    For more information about Alpine’s CASA de VIDA, call (619) 445-3955 or (619) 559-5929 or e-mail KeliJo1958@gmail.com.
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