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  • ALFA Bookstore News for 3/25 – 3/30

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    Don’t miss the Thursday Night Concert at the Library this week. It begin at 6: PM. Refreshments will be provided by ALFA.

    The Bookstore’s End of the Month 1/2 price Sale is 3/29 and 3/30.

    Some of our shelves are beginning to look bare. If you have Classics, Westerns, recent Cook Books and/or Gardening books you would like to donate; we would be very happy to receive them. Donated books are what keep us in business.

    Our Front Table is featuring books on Parrots and Ravens– care, feeding and funny stories; and also a selection of Classics including books by Hemingway. “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Smith first published in 1943 is a story about a family living in the slums of Brooklyn, very relevant even today. Also a collection of Cliff Notes covering a wide selection of classics. These are short synopsis of inportant literature which have beenused by students over many years, and still useful today. There is also a modern retelling of Austen’s “Emma” by favorite author Alexander McCall-Smith.

    Our Hall Cart presently has books reflecting our many genre in the store. These give you a taste of what you will find inside. There is a Spanish language text including 2 CD’s; the“Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga”, Books on Religion and Self Help, Non-fiction, and fiction.

    On our New Books shelf, you will find Kate Aktkinson’s “Transcription” a story of a young woman recruited to England’s Secret Service during WWII to identify Facsits sympathizers and then 10 years later being confronted by figures from the past. Other books include Sanford’s “Twisted Prey”; Ruth Ware’s “The Death of Mrs. Westway”; Robert B Parker’s Sunny Randall PI “Blood Feud”.; and Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty”. Recent arrivals include “Stories from our Wild and Wonderful Life” a delightful book written by the Bush Twins, Jenna and Barbara.; and Peter Matthiessen’s  “In the Spirit of Crazy Horse”

    The variety of books in our store is amazing and shelved so you can easily that browse your favorite area. We are open Mon. Wed. - Sat. 10: to 4:30 and Tuesday 10: to 7:30. 

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